If you have a gas or water emergency, please call 417-483-9127

Public Works Department

City of Oronogo




653 Central, Oronogo, Missouri 64855



This is an explanation of the customer’s right to request an excess flow valve (EFV) to be installed on their existing natural gas service line. This is only voluntary. The EFV would be located in-line and underground as close to the main as possible, for example by the curb or ditch. The fee for installation is $200 and can be scheduled within two weeks after payment has been received. The safety benefits include automatically shutting off the flow of natural gas if the service line breaks. This however has no effect on a slow leak from the tap including inside the home. There will be no further costs for maintaining or replacing the EFV at a later date from installation.


Tony Cantrell

Public Works Superintendent

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